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Cesar Tellez, professionally known as Crhymes, is a prominent Latino Rapper hailing from San Diego, California. Formerly a member of the rap duo Tha COR and serving as the Program Director for Rap Radio Station, Crhymes is acclaimed for his adept freestyle abilities and a reputation marked by prolific collaborations, as well as his rapid, impassioned, and inventive lyrical delivery.

Emerging from challenging circumstances including time in foster care, juvenile detention centers, and turbulent street environments, Crhymes found solace and direction through music. He honed his skills at Dadit Entertainment's studio, under the guidance of Mein Dahn and Harry Webb, mastering engineering and production techniques. Following Mein Danh's tragic passing in 2002, Crhymes was recruited by Harry to Dadit Entertainment, where both committed to unwavering dedication to their musical pursuits.

Noteworthy collaborations include his tenure with Sicko Records in 2003-05 and 2013-2016, featuring on multiple tracks including a duet album with esteemed local artist Mr. Lil One. Crhymes' departure from Sicko Records stemmed from creative differences with Mr. Lil One, leading him to focus on projects such as Everkrimes with Ricardo "Everest" Ortiz and Tha COR with Brandon "BGinus" Guaderrama, before embarking on his solo career.

A pivotal juncture occurred in 2005 when Crhymes played a pivotal role in establishing the Internet Rap Radio station Tha COR's 2007 album release "The Next Level of This," featuring Keak Da Sneak on the hit track "Do My Thang," garnered regional radio airplay on San Diego stations as well as Palm Springs U-92.7.

In 2008, Crhymes achieved a significant milestone by collaborating with Grammy and American Music Award winners, Bone Thugs n Harmony. Despite a tempting offer from Mo' Thugs Records, he heeded the advice of independent mogul Tech N9ne to build his personal brand.

Crhymes' inaugural solo project, "One Breath Closer," featuring Bizzy Bone, dropped in April 2010. Notably, he participated in the "Latin Lockdown/Latin Unity Tour" from 2010 to 2016, sharing the stage with revered Chicano Rap figures like Lil Uno, Lil Rob, Kid Frost, NB Ridaz, and Lighter Shade of Brown.

In subsequent years, Crhymes embarked on successful tours, notably the "Xplicit Crhyme Payz Mini Tour" in 2010 with Lady Xplicit and the "Self-Made Self-Paid World Tour" in 2011. In 2012, he established his own company, "Crhyme Mate Entertainment," and introduced his clothing brand, "Aliens In The Hood," which gained attention after capturing a possible UFO sighting during one of his music video shoots. This incident was featured on Travel Channel's "Paranormal Paparazzi" and garnered coverage in Rolling Stone, HuffPost, and local San Diego publications.

Evolving to the present moment, Crhymes stands as a testament to his artistry, marked by a plethora of solo albums, impactful collaborative endeavors, and a significant reunion with Tha Cor. His exceptional journey culminated in a resounding victory as The San Diego Reader's "Best Local Hip Hop Artist of the Year" in 2021, followed by a triumphant encore with the prestigious "Best Hip Hop Song of the Year" distinction at the 2022 San Diego Music Awards. Notably, his prominence was further acknowledged through a nomination for "Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year" in 2023.

An embodiment of versatility and creativity, Crhymes has emerged as a compelling force in the music realm. Operating from his personal recording studio, he adeptly engineers and produces both his own masterpieces and those of fellow artists. His commitment to excellence underscores his status as a reputable industry figure. For your musical requirements, seize the opportunity to engage Crhymes' expertise and finesse. Book him today to embark on a transformative sonic journey.

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