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NFT Music

In an ever changing music industry, I truly believe that NFTs can be the future of independent music creation and ownership. NFTs are more than monkey jpegs and offer a way for the artist to cut out the middleman. This new digital medium is a great way to pipeline the art to the fans. The days of struggling to survive earning less than a penny per stream on mainstream digital music distribution platforms like Spotify, iTunes, etc. are coming to an end. Let's disrupt the system and put the power back into the hands of artists and fans. Below I present you my first audio NFT, with many more to come. Welcome to the metaverse homies.


Using Mobile Phones

NFTs - Non Fungible Tokens - are digital assets that can be sold and traded and that are stored on blockchains and viewable in public ledgers. This NFT was minted on Teia and indexed on Objkt which are marketplaces built on the Tezos Blockchain - a Clean NFT chain which used POS or Proof Of Stake which is energy efficient and sustainable.

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