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125 Aliens In The Hood NFTs to abduct

Catch em slippin' while you can homies

Why do you need to own an Alien?

Access: Get early access to future projects

Earn: Raffle entry for EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAYS

Build: Be apart of the story & themes for future development

Custom Artwork: Will make a custom Alien for first 25 Aliens

Custom Hoodie: Score a sweet AITH hoodie with the abduction of thee 5 Rarest Aliens


Aliens In The Hood was founded as a clothing collection in 2012, after Crhymes captured what seem to be a UFO on film during a music video production. This unknown anomaly caught national media attention and was featured on the Travel Channel, Huff Post, Rolling Stone and many other notable media outlets. Below is link to one of the stories:

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